Friday, May 21, 2010

Walk Front: Creative Writing Assignment

This is a piece of creative writing which was adapted from Suheir Hammad. I studied the author and poet Suheir Hammad, and created a piece of writing that was an imitation of her work. I focused more on her sentence structure, her language, and the overall message of acceptance among different groups of people. I really feel as though this was one of my strongest works of creative writing because it was done in the middle of the year, when I was more accustomed to creative writing, and adapting traits of other authors to my writing. Although I did not know how to adapt so well in the beginning of the year, I definitely feel as though my writing became stronger over time because of that adaptation I had to learn how to make. I also feel as though this creative writing assignment did not only help me with my writing, but with understanding writings, and the work that goes behind them. I've noticed that after writing a poem of such depth myself, it is easier for me to understand other poems, and the true emotion behind the tone and words.

Here is a document of my poem 'Walk Front' adapted by the great Suheir Hammad:

Creative Writing: Imitation of Suheir Hammad

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