Friday, May 21, 2010

Dialectical Journal Sample: 'Lolita'

Here is one of my dialectical journal entries focusing on characterization. Although notes were not my favorite part of english this year, I really enjoyed doing DJ's because it allowed me to rip apart specific pieces of works and understand its meaning on a more thorough basis. I feel as though my DJ's were one of my better sides of writing because it allowed me to question a passage, and answer myself as well. This DJ's is on the book 'Lolita' which plays a huge role in characterization. With these DJ's I was able to pick specific moments in the book where characterization was found, and highlight and analyze what the author was trying to say. In my DJ's (like the one below), I focused on the character Humbert Humbert. These DJ's definitely allowed me to further analyze this work on a more chill basis than the other formal ways we worked with this year.

Here is the document of one of my DJ's:


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