Monday, May 24, 2010

Artist Research Paper: Erik Parker

This year in english class, we did two research papers: one on a poet, and one on an artist. English class this year has been very fun because I feel like I explored so many different aspects of english that I have never noticed before. These two research papers definitely opened my eyes to a more creative and open side of english that I inever though I would be able to experience in a high school classroom. Though my poetry research paper went well, I feel as though I excelled the research process in my artist research paper. This was the last final paper that we had to do in english class this year, and I feel as though it shows how much I have grown as a writer this year. Erik Parker is an amazing artist, and my research paper shows the true message behind his numerous works.

Below is the document of my Research Paper on Erik Parker:

Erik Parker: Artist Research Paper

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